Scraperite 25 Packs


Scraperite 25 Packs

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Contains 25 double-edged plastic razor blades and one holder
We offer 25 packs of each type of blade (excluding our black industrial), including 24 individual blades, and one Lil’ Gripper holder with one blade inserted. This bountiful packaging is perfect for more regular and intense usage, including marine cleaning, auto body care, regular art use, window tinting, etc. For one person, the Lil’ Gripper scraping tool is included to provide extra necessary grip when scraping up tough material. Because the packaging includes so many replacement plastic safety razors, we provide a lasting product for every job. Try them out for yourself!


-5 pack = 20 in a box
-25 pack = 10 in a box
-100 pack = 25 in a box
-Big Gripper = 12 in a box
-Cardboard Display Box = 50 in a box