Scraperite 5 Packs


Scraperite 5 Packs

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Contains 5 double-edged plastic blades and one holder
We offer 5 packs of each type of blade (excluding our black industrial), including 4 individual blades, and one Lil’ Gripper holder with one blade inserted. This small easy packaging is perfect for any home projects, including auto care and DIY’s. Each blade lasts quite a few jobs, so this packaging is perfect for low maintenance projects. The Lil’ Gripper scraping tool included provides extra necessary grip when scraping with the plastic razor blades. Try them out for yourself!

This packaging is designed for the consumer level home buyer making it ideal as a retail space item alongside other commonly used scrapers.

It is also ideal for clip strips and other points of sale or impulse buy shopping items. Because each blade has a specific use and purpose the 5 pack packaging is ideal for the end user seeking a small quantity of product based on a specific use or need or possibly one pack for the grarage for use on the car, one pack for the kitchen for pots and pans and one pack in each of the bathrooms to remove soap scum and grime.
This packaging is also great for industrial or shop applications at work stations or tool boxes.
- 10 usable edges- 5 blades and one holder

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