Scraperite Wide


Scraperite Wide

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Scraperite 4 inch Wide holder with one general purpose blade inserted. 4 inch wide coverage, double sided blade, switch and go!

Scraperite plastic scrapers are ideal for scraping and cleaning where a metal scraper or scrubbing pad would be inappropriate for the surface in question. Orange General Purpose blades are great on vehicle painted surfaces, glass. plastic headlight covers and other interior and exterior plastic surfaces. Also ideal on Formica, Corian, chrome and stainless steel, and other delicate surfaces where scrubbing would damage the surface in a larger area than needed. The uses are nearly endless. By far the most practical and popular safety scraper on the market.


-5 pack = 20 in a box
-25 pack = 10 in a box
-100 pack = 25 in a box
-Big Gripper = 12 in a box
-Cardboard Display Box = 50 in a box


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